Get into a healthy routine

Let's shake up those weekday meals with fresh and healthy brainfood. Seafood is proven to build strong bodies and even stronger minds because it is packed with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of healthy fats.

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Fresh Seafood

Cod is a great option for introducing young ones to seafood - create some homemade fish sticks and make a night of it!

Similar in taste to Cod, the flavor of Haddock is a little stronger. With a mild flavor, Haddock is the perfect fish for picky eaters, or those who don’t typically eat fish.

Tilapia is a medium-firm fish with a mild sweet taste and flaky texture, with no “fishy” taste.

Known as ‘poor man’s lobster’ thanks to its similar taste and texture of lobster, our fresh, wild monkfish is a truly exquisite fish.

Our fresh, never frozen Faroe Islands salmon portions packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that promote brain health!

These sweet and delicious mussels are ready in 15 minutes - serve with some crusty bread and share with the whole fam!

Smart Kids - Eat Smart

Jiang-hong Liu, the lead author of the new study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, writes that 9-11-year-old boys and girls who regularly eat plenty of seafood scored 4.8 points higher on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale IQ test.

Picky Eater? Try Kid-Friendly Recipes

Trying to convince a child to enjoy seafood can be like trying to teach a fish to… tango. Children are notoriously picky, making meal planning difficult when the parents are craving seafood. Meanwhile, to make the conundrum worse, seafood is an excellent source of Omega-3's, DHA, and other fatty acids crucial for children's developing nervous system, brain, and vision. In fact, children should eat seafood once or twice weekly to get the nutrition boost.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

A kid-classic, make these at home with our fresh seafood and taste the difference! Frozen prepared fish sticks will never be the same!

It's hard to beat slow roasted salmon but add an everything bagel crust and we have our new favorite breakfast-for-dinner mash up.

A wonderful after-school snack, packed with healthy fats and brain-boosting Omega 3's, this dish will become a weekday staple.

Is this the best recipe for a busy weeknight? We think it is! Our pasta bake with Cod recipe, is full of flavor and on the table in 10 minutes!

Frozen Selections

The sockeye salmon portions are immediately frozen to ensure their peak freshness and flavor, allowing you to enjoy wild Alaska sockeye salmon all year round.

Enjoy these sweet and plump shrimp in your favorite shrimp recipes including shrimp scampi and shrimp pasta.

Ready To Cook

Packed with sweet, flaky crab meat, our authentic crab cakes are quick and easy to prepare and make an elegant appetizer or main course.

Upgrade burger night with Pure Ocean Salmon burgers make with Faroe Islands Atlantic Salmon.

There is no trepidation when trying something new IF it's wrapped in know it's true.

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Ready To Eat

This delicious canned tuna is like no canned seafood you've had before. Serve with fresh veggies and crackers - for a DIY tuna bite lunch!


Fish is a great source of omega-3s which are an essential fatty acid that the body can't produce on it's own


Over 10 billion pounds of seafood and several hundred types of seafood are caught in the US each year


After living at sea for many years salmon travel back to the river they were born in to spawn

Fulton Fish Market Pantry

The finer textured Salmon Seasoning is more subtle than the Samon Rub, perfect for applications in the oven or on the grill!

Our signature seasoning that can be used on many seafoods! Toss some shrimp in a wok with our signature seasoning for an excellent appetizer or try it on a whole fish on the grill!

Our white fish seasoning is perfect to use on cod, haddock, monkfish whether you're preparing it in the pan or in the oven!

Mmmm Bagels. We love this seasoning on top of fresh delicious salmon. The possibilities are endless - give it a try!

Make It Simple With the Right Sauce

From cocktail to remoulade - Make the best dishes with our signature sauces!

Zesty, bold and rich, use it as a dipping sauce for oysters, clams and shrimp cocktail, or brush over shellfish before grilling or broiling.

Rich, creamy and punchy, serve as a dipping sauce for crab cakes or pair with baked or fried seafood, or in place or tartare sauce for fish.

Smooth, rich and succulent - brush over fish or shellfish before cooking, or marinade salmon, halibut or shrimp briefly for a quick hit of flavor.

Vibrant, aromatic and with a hint of spice, our Sesame Ginger sauce pairs perfectly with grilled tuna and shellfish, or toss through bass, snapper or squid.

Yellow and lemony.


Experts Encourage Parents to Feed their Kids Seafood

Studies show that seafood is essential for childhood development and has numerous benefits for health and IQ growth in kids. So much so that experts are encouraging parents to introduce their kids to seafood because it's such a healthy choice.

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Who says beef burgers are the only game in town? Our variety pack of salmon cakes, crab cakes, cod cakes, shrimp burgers and salmon burgers will jazz up any meal in a flash, and provide a healthy alternative to beef patties.

Our wild Alaska sockeye salmon is caught by independent fishermen in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, the sockeye salmon capital of the world. The sockeye salmon portions are immediately frozen to ensure their peak freshness and flavor, allowing you to enjoy wild Alaska sockeye salmon all year round.

Stock up and save with our Frozen Wild Seafood Bundle! You will receive four 8oz portions of delicious frozen Chilean Sea Bass, a 1lb bag of frozen Del Pacifico Blue Mexican Shrimp, four 6oz portions of Sockeye Salmon, and two 6-7oz Cold Water Lobster Tails.

From bouillabaisse to cioppino, fish stews and soups have long been comforting, nourishing, and delicious.

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