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Fried Seafood is Possible – and Healthy & Delicious – with Your Air Fryer

air fryer seafood

Fried foods – particularly fried seafood – are time-honored comfort foods. Really, there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as tender shrimp or briny clams cocooned in a salty, crunchy layer of fried golden batter… Unless it’s an order of classic fish ‘n chips!

But deep-frying at home can be daunting if you’re not comfortable with an intimidatingly large pot of extremely hot oil… and disposing of that oil and cleaning up the spattered oil may dull the afterglow of a delicious meal.

We also need to remind you of the health implications of fried foods. Eating fried foods in excess can be a potential health hazard, putting you at higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Introducing… the AIR FRYER.

The Air Fryer is a trendy new kitchen gadget that claims to replicate the results of deep frying with nothing but hot air and a fraction of the oil that traditional deep frying requires.

While there are many brands and models on the market, they all essentially use the same technology as convection ovens. A thin layer of cooking oil is misted onto the Air Fryer’s contents while heated air is rapidly and continuously circulated around the cooking basket.

Advocates claim that the Air Fryer yields crispy exteriors and tender interiors – just like regular old fried foods – but without the oil. Other claims to fame include fast cooking times, convenient countertop designs, and easy setup and cleanup.

At Fulton Fish Market, we love all seafood and all seafood recipes… so of course we were eager to try out the Air Fryer. But how does seafood hold up in the Air Fryer, and how do Air Fryer seafood recipes compare to their original deep-fried equivalents?

Air Fryer Seafood Recipes

We’ve modified the recipes below for some of our favorite fried seafood recipes to leverage the Air Fryer.

Because each manufacturer’s model of the Air Fryer is different, please consider these recipes as “inspiration” as not as “instructions” because the cooking times and temperatures may vary based on the model you’re using!

Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

Coconut fried shrimp is a restaurant favorite that is just too much trouble to make at home… Until the Air Fryer. We are shrimply delighted with the ease of this recipe… and the results! Try it with our fresh White Gulf shrimp, which absolutely shines in this recipe.

Air Fryer Tilapia Fillets

The bar for air fried fish fillets is set pretty high, since we all know and love this deep-fried classic. Our recipe for air fried tilapia comes close, offering aficionados of this pub favorite a healthier alternative! And feel free to experiment with your favorite fish; we also like this recipe with fresh cod. Serve with malt vinegar and your favorite recipe for air-fried chips, of course!

Air Fryer Scallops with Lemon-Caper Sauce

Our wild-caught sea scallops are perfect for the Air Fryer. They’re large and meaty at just ten scallops to a pound, and the Air Fryer does an amazing job of adding just a slight crunch to their exteriors while maintaining their sweet and mild interiors. We’ve also added a lemony-caper sauce to add some pizzazz.

Air Fryer Keto Salmon

We were excited to discover that family-favorite salmon cooks beautifully in the Air Fryer! Salmon not only tastes great – flaky, delicate, and rich – but it offers an admirable nutritional profile with 24 grams of protein and 1200 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids, making it a keto seafood all-star.

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The Air Fryer is a great way to prepare healthy, delicious meals that will please picky palates to fastidious foodies. Shrimp, tilapia, salmon, and scallops are Air Fryer-friendly, but feel free to experiment with your favorite seafoods.