Cooking Seafood is a Simple, Healthy Answer for Back To School Stress

Back to school

For the parents, back to school means less time for doing the things you love - like cooking a healthy meal for the whole family! FultonFishMarket.com is here to help, with fresh fish and simple recipes delivered straight to your doorstep.

Are you starting to feel it? The nights are getting cooler. The leaves are hinting at changing color. The acorns are falling with a light thud.

That’s right-- summer is coming to a close, and school is here! As you know, back to school means back to early morning alarms, back to long nights of homework, back to long drives to and from practice, and unfortunately, back to little time for healthy cooking!

Healthy cooking starts with fresh ingredients straight from the earth, or the sea! A 2017 Pennsylvania School of Nursing study revealed that a steady diet of seafood advances a 9-11 year old’s IQ by five points more than kids who eat other proteins like red meat, pork and chicken. Studies have also shown that kids who eat seafood sleep better, as well.

But healthy cooking for a family takes time! With the kids back to school and the reality of a full-time after-school schedule, it’s difficult to find the time to source good, healthy ingredients from trusted brands. Thankfully, that’s where we come in!

Fulton Fish Market helps you save both time and money by delivering all of your healthy cooking essentials straight to your door. At FultonFishMarket.com, we are dedicated to delivering fresh, sustainable, delicious seafood that your kids will love.

So make your back to school routine a little easier, and add a couple of fresh, delicious seafood meals to your family meal plan - and have it delivered direct to your door from FultonFishMarket.com!