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Food Blogger’s Birthday Bash

When we asked Annie, the food blogger behind Maebells, to create her magic around a sampling of our “Fulton Fresh” seafood, she was excited.

“Here in rural Tennessee fresh seafood is basically non existent. Everything in the grocery is frozen or imported because when you live in a land locked state that isn’t usual commodity. Until now that is!”

Turns out that Annie’s birthday was coming up. She and her small family love to celebrate with delicious birthday dinners, “…something fantastic that we wouldn’t normally have,” as she puts it. Fresh seafood fit the bill, and she did indeed create a sumptuous meal.

“I received a box of fresh East Coast Halibut and decided to bake it with a simple and flavor packed Parmesan and Pecan crust…ready in under 20 minutes!”

We’re thrilled to have Annie as one of our biggest fans, and we just love how she sums up the “Fulton Fresh Experience.”

“You now have easy access to fish and seafood fresher than you can imagine at your front door as fresh as it was in the market, guaranteed!”

Annie’s luscious recipe is a big hit with everyone who tries it. Click HERE to check it out at and let us know how you like it!l

Victor Ribaudo
Food Marketer/Writer
The Ribaudo Group