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Food Blogger Discovers the Fulton Fresh Difference!

Food blogger Carolyn @fooddreamer has been aiming to include more fish into her weekly meal planning for some time now. Living in Portland, just an hour and a half from the Oregon coastline, there’s technically plenty of fresh seafood nearby. However, she’s been hesitant.

“. . . I don’t always know where to get it or how to tap into that resource. What my local grocery stores carry may or may not be local or sustainable, and it may not even be very fresh . . . I think that’s probably the biggest factor in keeping most people from cooking fish at home.”

Enter! We sent Carolyn a delectable sampling of our Fulton Fresh seafood and she was blown out of the water, so to speak!

She tells her readers “Well, I am delighted to share with you a new way to access really fresh seafood . . . now anyone anywhere in the contiguous US states can get some of the freshest seafood delivered right to their door . . . guaranteed sustainable.”

Carolyn believes that truly great fish is best treated with a light hand. Her recipe for Hazelnut Crusted Sea Bass proves her point deliciously! Click here to check it out!

Thanks, Carolyn!