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Move Over Cheese Plate, Caviar Is King This Holiday Season

caviar and cucumber

You always want your holiday party to be the one that everyone talks about for years to come. You’ve nailed the playlist, ordered enough wine and spirits to keep guests merrily ever after, and your tablescape would make Joanna Gaines jealous. And then there’s the food.

Forget the cheese plate: this year it’s all about the caviar tasting. Lay out the luxury with a variety of caviars and your guests will be gramming this faster than you can say “hashtag caviar love.”

Here’s how to serve caviar like a connoisseur:

Plan for half an ounce of caviar per guest.

Twenty minutes before you plan to serve your caviar, open the jars and nestle them into a bed of crushed ice. Or serve them in chic bowls like these [link to our serving sets] which make the caviar sparkle.

Just like a cheese plate, aim for a variety of colors, flavors and textures. Our Domestic Caviar Assortment comes with four caviars, from bright, crisp salmon roe to buttery, black hackleback, while our Best of the Best caviars, which happen to be served at 3 Michelin-starred restaurants, range from briny to savory in hues of olive green to gray. Each assortment comes with a handy tasting card, so you can guide your guests on a gastronomic journey.

Pro tip: mother-of-pearl spoons don’t just look good, they’re the perfect accompaniment to caviar, as silver spoons can leave a metallic taste.

Channel your inner food stylist by arranging a platter of accoutrements. Try blini, toast points, or squares of pumpernickel bread, as well as small bowls of crème fraiche, sour cream, minced hard-boiled eggs, and finely chopped onion. Sliced lemon will add a pop of color as well as bright citrusy oomph.

Finally, don’t forget to chill the Champagne - or vodka in true Russian style.


Caviar Recipes

Blinis with Black Caviar

This simple recipe for blinis, or small Russian pancakes, is a holiday favorite. Top these one-bite wonders with our stunning assortment of caviars, a dollop of crème fraîche, and a sprig of fresh dill or chives.

Caviar & Cucumber Sandwiches

What’s more sophisticated than caviar? This recipe for caviar and cucumber sandwiches! Start with the best ingredients – like our salmon caviar roe – then plate these sandwiches beautifully with gramming guests in mind.

Deviled Eggs with Salmon Caviar & Roasted Garlic

This holiday season, we’ve added a twist to our best deviled eggs recipe. Roasted garlic adds umami while luxurious salmon roe adds a pop of color and bite.

Caviar & Smoked Salmon Canapés

Here’s a stunning seafood appetizer that will leave a lasting impression on your holiday dinner guests – because really, how many hosts pull out all the stops and serve caviar and smoked salmon?