Is Cheap Seafood a Good Deal?

Last week we gave our take on the July 10th New York Post article which covered Larry Olmsted’s book entitled Real Food, Fake Food, and how fraudulent seafood was stealing from us the joy of great tasting fresh seafood.

This week we want to dig just a bit deeper into why so much food in general, and seafood specifically, is fake. It has a great deal to do with the desire of the food industry to deliver inexpensive food to our shelves.

Every time I hear that 91% of the product we consume comes from overseas, and 75% of the bounty we fish and raise

- domestically is shipped overseas, I wonder how that makes sense. Like Jerry said, “follow the money.”

- As much as a quarter of the seafood taken from the seas across the globe is taken illegally or from unregulated waters.

- Much of this is taken with slave labor.

- Many countries do not have rigorous standards for fishing with regard to sustainability.

- Many countries have few export rules, inspections and view species identification as optional.

- Much of the aquaculture-raised product from overseas is under-regulated, including suspect sources of feeds, the use of massive antibiotics to counter pen disease and the like.

North American fisheries are the most highly regulated fisheries in the world. That includes both wild-caught and aquaculture product. That means it is safe and sustainable. And it means it is fresh and absolutely delicious.

Make no mistake about it fresh, sustainable fish, caught by our domestic fishers, is more expensive than the product your supermarket or most likely your restaurant are serving you. That is because the product you receive today does not pay to replenish itself, does not pay to be naturally healthy, does not pay to keep the oceans, lakes, and rivers healthy and does not pay legitimate fishers for their labors.

Mostly the product you pay for today robs you of the opportunity to taste phenomenally delicious seafood that will have a dramatic impact on your health. Demand more. Demand taste. Demand fresh, sustainable and safe seafood from and keep it Fulton Fresh.