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Fishmonger extraordinaire! David is involved in all aspects of product selection, production, and fabrication. David is no stranger to food tech startups and his experience managing the seafood and deli departments at Fresh Direct helped make him a perfect fit at and compliments his seafood experience.

More importantly, David Bracher grew up in the fish business. His family owned a fish market! David remembers standing on a milk crate in order to see over the counter at his family fish market on New York’s Long Island. He has been in the seafood business for the better part of 30 years and attributes his success to his father.

“I don’t recall a time that my father specifically sat me down to teach me something, however, years later I realized that every day spent with him had a learning lesson.”

David's whole family loves anything out of the ocean! His oldest son, Joseph, loves Mako Shark! David marinates the shark in teriyaki sauce and Italian dressing then simply grills it! His younger son, Dante, loves whole Red Snapper and Mussels! What’s great is that it’s easy to prepare; David covers the whole, scaled fish with fresh herbs, olive oil, and a little salt and pepper and grills it to perfection. Mussels are simply steamed in white wine and garlic. David’s wife, Giuliana, loves Halibut and Salmon.

"My expertise influences what my family eats. I, personally, love Swordfish, Salmon, and Soft Shell Crabs but I am not sure if I can name a favorite!"

Working in the industry and always having access to fresh fish and seafood made it easy for David’s kids to try it. They were both eating fish and seafood by the age of 3! They even preferred it over other meats because it was more tender. David’s older son also loves sushi and sashimi.

David explains, "The reason that more kids do not eat seafood is that their parents are afraid to cook it and when they go out to eat it is too expensive for the kids to order." He says many of his customers claim that they actually really like fish but are afraid to prepare it themselves.

"I tell them if you can cook a boring chicken cutlet, then you can cook anything! Every piece of fish has its own unique flavor and olive oil, salt, and pepper are all you need!"

The other key to getting your kids to eat more fish is to spice up the recipes!

“I put a thin layer of mayonnaise on the fish and let my kids crumble potato chips on top. I bake it at 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes depending on the fish. Almost EVERY CUSTOMER I gave this recipe to has come back and told me they finally got their kids to eat fish!”

Pictured above: David Bracher's Family