As national nutrition month draws to a close the studies keep piling up.

First, the Pennsylvania School of Nursing finds that a steady diet of seafood advances your 9-11 year old’s IQ by a good 5 points over kids who eat the usual proteins.

Now, the Global Council on Brain Health study in January concludes that Omega 3 fatty acids direct from seafood, NOT from supplements, protect neurodegenerative disorders. These experts say “Eat the fish.” This study joins dozens of others including a late 2017 study of 6,000 subjects by the Journal of the American Geriatric Society showing that piling on the seafood at the expense of red meat proteins generates a 35% lower risk of cognitive impairment.

Bill Gates claims that Alzheimer related diseases cost American taxpayers $200 Billion in healthcare costs today and, given its rapid growth, will cost over $1 Trillion in healthcare costs by 2050.

Seafood is the obvious and powerful answer to better brain health in all ages, so why aren’t we snapping it up off our plates more often? The answer to that is pretty simple according to Cyndi Metallo, Vice President at Most consumers have never had great seafood. Now you can remedy that, along with remedying your health prospects.

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