Eat Seafood, Be Happy

eat seafood be happy

Study after study over the last 20 years have shown how fresh seafood, along with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can significantly decrease the risk of dementia in middle aged adults and seniors, while increasing the brain agility and even I.Q. in babies and infants.

It shouldn't surprise us that healthy seafood can also benefit against depression and brain-related conditions. Recent studies confirm what renowned author and psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey has preached for years: "Food is medicine. Food is brain medicine. In your everyday life, the number one factor that you have control over in terms of your mental health is at the end of your fork."

"All of my patients have a sense of foods that I want them to be eating more of," said Dr. Ramsey in a recent CBS article. "Those foods? You guessed it: the Mediterranean Diet – colorful vegetables, seafood, olive oil, and lots of leafy greens."

One way to break the chicken-burger-chicken spin cycle is by enjoying more fresh seafood, said Mike Spindler, CEO of FultonFishMarket. Getting out of that protein rut just twice a week with seafood, the healthiest protein, is easy when it is delivered fresh to your door. Spindler ought to know since sells the largest assortment of fresh, sustainable seafood in the world, with next day delivery. "Fresh seafood is like nothing you have ever bought from a supermarket, or even tasted at most restaurants, where it's usually frozen." Plus seafood is quick to prepare - most seafood can be cooked in 15 minutes or less, faster than takeout. So go on, be happy, eat seafood!