The benefits of providing free meal services to employees have been well documented. Those benefits are very well known among tech companies.

    The benefits to the employee or associate are:

  1. Time savings
  2. Money savings and
  3. Life-work balance due to the two points above.

    The benefits to the company include:

  1. Perks that standout to job-seekers and recruiters, very important given a tight employment market.
  2. Boosting employee morale because of working for a cool company that appreciates their contributions.
  3. Improves collaboration and team building

Better companies using this perk also understand the importance of serving quality proteins, produce and baked goods. What may not be as obvious are the benefits of serving great seafood.

  • Fresh seafood tastes completely different from the product almost all employees are exposed to. 95% of the seafood in restaurants and supermarkets, according to NOAA, are from overseas and have been frozen at least once. Fresh seafood tastes incredible. And there are SO many varieties beyond, shrimp, salmon and tuna. New varieties and wonderful taste will open associates minds to new experiences.
  • Seafood is the healthiest of proteins in important ways (cardiovascular, mental health and many others.) This benefits both the employee and the employer. Not only do they have increased focus but attendance also improves and healthcare costs should be tempered.
  • Seafood is also the most earth friendly protein, 11 X more friendly than that burger.