Austin, Texas; summertime, patios, lounging, breathing in the atmosphere and simply enjoying life to the fullest. Austin is the perfect setting for inspired eateries with class and flair. Many restaurants in this beautiful city are multi-level and multi-functioning to accommodate the 10 months of summer. Olive & June is no exception.

Fulton Chef Brian Moses

Meet Chef Brian Moses, the culinary mastermind behind Olive & June's creative menu rich in fish and seafood. Austin’s clientele is rather unaccustomed to varieties of seafood, Chef Brian said. The restaurant continues to create more exposure by serving a variety of delicious fruits of the sea.

Olive & June's multi-level, treehouse-esque establishment provides an ambiance that is both casual and elegant, depending on what you are looking for. Kicking back with a drink and some friends on a summer evening? Try Olive & June’s wonderful patio. Planning for an elegant dinner with your significant other? Look no further as Olive & June’s dining room will surely not disappoint!

Fulton Fish Market - Chefs

We brought Chef Brian a whole octopus to prepare! A bold and daring choice, Chef Brian feels that serving a variety of seafoods will help open up Austin’s eaters to new culinary experiences and new favorites! Chef Brian notes that acquiring a variety of seafood in Austin is quite the challenge. Restaurants are often at the mercy of local vendors who can be unreliable and inconsistent, making it difficult for restauranteurs to continually offer a signature item on their menu when its origin is so ambiguous.

Fulton Chef Brian Moses with his Octopus delivery!
Fulton Chef Jo Chan unpacking her Fulton Fresh fish delivery.
Fulton Chef Brian Moses placing the Octopus in a hot pot!
The scent in the air is delicious! Sizzling Octopus tail!
Adding a dash of flame and flavor!
Fulton Chef Brian Moses with his octopus dish!