The beautiful city of Austin, Texas brims with hip eateries and remarkably creative cuisine. You can’t pass a block without running into delicious food. Yet fresh seafood is still hard to come by. Enter Eberly, a mesmerizing space that sets the perfect atmosphere for a chic American eatery, and one of’s favorite frequent customers. Chef Jo Chan heads Eberly’s kitchen. A talented young visionary in the Austin food scene, Chef Jo lends a modern and collaborative philosophy to running this sophisticated Austin restaurant.

Fulton Chefs - Eberly, Austin, Texas

Chef Jo hosted the team for a delicious afternoon. We even brought her a Bronzini to prepare! The Bronzini was already cleaned and dressed for her convenience, per her order instructions. With a rub of oil and a few spices, it went on the grill! Eberly’s unique wood burning grill sparked with delicious sizzle and smoke as Chef diced tomatoes, cucumber and red onion for a simple but zesty salsa topping. Chef Jo dressed the fish with chardonnay vinegar and olive oil. It was presented on a beautiful, rustic wooden board. The Bronzini is found in Mediterranean waters and its sweet flavors pair well with fresh locally-grown ingredients. The Bronzini's size also makes it an ideal fish to cook whole!

Eberly - Austin Texas - Seafood

Even with its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, acquiring seafood in a city like Austin is challenging. Restaurants often rely on local vendors with inconsistent stock and lack of assortment. Chef Jo noted that shipping and transit are often more complicated locally than when she gets her seafood shipped directly to the restaurant from in New York City. Chef Jo is also a seasoned New Yorker, making this transition in her ordering process a natural one.

Fulton Chef Jo Chan and her delivery.
Fulton Chef Jo Chan unpacking her Fulton Fresh fish delivery.
Fulton Chef Jo Chan preparing the salsa!
Fulton Chef Jo Chan putting on the finishing touches!
Fulton Chef Jo Chan and her grilled whole Bronzini.
Fulton Chef Jo Chan and's fish expert, Chris Szczucinski.