Chef Shane Stark of Mongers Market and Kitchen in Austin

chef shane stark

There are not many things that make life difficult in the beautiful city of Austin. It’s patio season 10 months out of the year, which means delicious, fresh fare is a must! Among the many wonderful restaurants in the city of Austin there is one common theme; they’re sick of their limited fish supply! That’s where we come in. is the proud purveyor of fresh fish and seafood, not only for the city of Austin and its incredible eateries starving for menu diversity, but nationwide!

Here’s something even cooler: Chef Shane Stark of Mongers Market and Kitchen in Austin is no stranger to the Fulton Fish Market! Mongers is a seafood eatery inspired by delicious southern fare and is headed up by chef and owner Shane Stark. Mongers not only serves delicious fish, but also acts as a fish market in landlocked Austin! For those who love preparing their own seafood, Mongers is a bridge to the best fish in the western hemisphere - all provided by yours truly,

Chef Shane Stark grew up in Manasquan, NJ near major fishing areas such as Point Pleasant and Sandy Hook. He recalls visiting the Fulton Fish Market with his stepfather while he was in high school. He has always been around fish and fishing and enjoys every aspect of it, from the catch to the preparation! Chef Shane Stark spent many years as executive chef of a downtown sushi restaurant. If you want to know about fresh fish, ask a sushi chef!

We brought Chef Shane Stark a whole sole to cook but first it needed to be prepared. Josh Matlock sharpened his knives and set to work expertly filleting the delicate meat from the flatfish. Nothing was left on the bone. After this, Chef lightly seasoned the fish and dropped a dollop of butter in a sizzling pan to brown. Ah, brown butter! He placed the fillet into the butter, and the sweet merging of the fresh sole and brown butter filled the room with homey and familiar scents. Toward the end of the cooking process, he added capers, fresh herbs, mandarin orange and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice to the pan. A perfect combination of familiar fresh flavors that perfectly complemented the delicate nature of the sole.

Having ready access to fresh seafood is important when a city such as Austin is not near a reliable source from the Gulf of Mexico. Ordering online from enables chefs and restaurateurs to prepare delicious seafood and teach Austin foodies more about the fresh varieties of seafood available!

A humble THANK YOU to Chef Shane Stark of Mongers and Josh for showing us your filleting magic. You are truly seafood artists! If you’ve got the market, we’ve got the fish!


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