For years blogger Lani @LifeAnchored refused to eat fish. That is, until a year ago when her husband convinced her to try a bite of his salmon and she loved it! So Lani’s mind was changed, but there was still some hesitation about where to buy quality seafood.

“One of my biggest hang ups about fish was that I was nervous about freshness. I’d heard tons of stories about grocery store fish fiasco.”

So we sent Lani some of our Fulton Fresh fish, and she was blown away!

“Fulton Fish Market has the perfect alternative, fresh fish delivered straight to your front door. You cut the middle man of the grocery store . . .”

After running some errands, Lani was thrilled to find her order waiting on the doorstep in our state-of-the-art packaging.

“I had them send me Faroe Island Salmon and East Coast Halibut for my initial order. I have to tell you the color and appearance of this fish was amazing!”

Lani decided to created delicious Lemon Garlic Salmon Foil Packets that evening. We tried her recipe and it’s scrumptious! Click here to check it out!