We have spent the last few weeks commenting on how difficult it is to gain access to our own fabulous seafood. 9+ of 10 seafood experiences involve seafood imported from overseas, much of it is undocumented and almost none is fresh. This has denied us a set of fabulous taste experiences.

Over time consumers have found that grass-fed beef isn't always the honest story, nor is cage-free chicken the same as pasture-raised. So many supermarkets and restaurants have climbed on the grass-fed, local, organic and cage-free bandwagon, that it is difficult to separate the story from the facts. Health benefits, earth benefits and certainly taste benefits are worlds apart and so finding a trusted source is important. Those retailers and restaurants who are telling “part of the story” are subscribing to the theory that they are doing no harm. When it comes to nutrition for each of us, our children and our earth, "doing no harm" is just not good enough.

The same is true for Seafood. With our 200-mile coastal fishing zone, our lakes and our streams, more of America is underwater than above it. There is so much more flavor variety in the literally thousands of species of seafood living off our shores. And, eaten fresh, preparation is simple and delightfully brief. So there is really no reason for having to put up with refreshed inferior seafood from overseas when sustainable, safe and most of all fresh and tasty seafood from our own waters is available the same day they come from the water at FultonFishMarket.com.

So now is a good time to decide if you wish to self-direct your health, your kid's health, your planet’s health and most of all your taste experiences or if you want to trust big food companies, supermarkets, and restaurants to do that for you. My health is too important to me not to include seafood twice a week in my meal plan. Taste is WAY too important to me to source fabulous, fresh seafood from anywhere other than the fishers who supply FultonFishMarket.com.