Food Blogger Lauren @healthydelish made it her goal to eat lots of fresh seafood while visiting Providence this past summer. On one of her stops at a cool “hipster” restaurant she discovered some of the freshest, most delicious fish tacos she’d ever eaten. She wanted to recreate those tacos in her own kitchen, so we sent her some of our “Fulton Fresh” halibut and salmon and she went to work.

“I couldn’t get over how fresh the halibut I used in these tacos was. They tasted even fresher than the ones I had over the summer.”

Lauren was also quite impressed with our whole operation!

“The Fulton Fish Market is a pretty awesome place. (Shawn got really excited when he found out that I was working with them and said the market was “legit.”) . . . They hand-pack the seafood at the market and ship it fresh – you can really taste the difference.”

We believe we have another satisfied customer! But don’t take our word for it. As Lauren puts it, “I also tried the Faroe Island salmon, which was wonderful. I can’t wait to order some oysters!”

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