Restaurant quality fresh fish is closer than you think!

We love Glenn’s Diner in Chicago, Illinois. Chef Raul Rodriguez is cool, calm and immensely talented! We dropped in to see what he’s up to and deliver a side of Fulton Fresh Salmon for him to try. The catch was, we wanted to try what he created, so he whipped up a portion for us to enjoy. It was DELICIOUS!

How did we get this fresh fish to Chef Raul, you ask? Our fish is packaged in a cooled shipping container and sealed in cryovac. It is delivered this way to Chef Raul and it can be delivered this way to you at home! We portion and package the fish any way you’d like to make it easy to prepare fish dinners. Cook now or throw into the freezer to enjoy later!

Chef Raul opened the perfectly sealed Fulton Fresh Salmon and portioned it into expertly cut pieces. A dash of seasoning on a hot, hot grill! The smell of searing, crispy deliciousness engulfed the kitchen. Once the Salmon was perfectly cooked, he placed it on a bed of steamed asparagus and drizzled with honey mustard sauce. Simple, fresh and above all, delicious!

It tasted divine! The steamed asparagus had just the right amount of crisp which accompanied the seared skin on the Salmon beautifully. The honey mustard sauce added the bit of sweetness needed to take the buttery flavors of the Salmon to the next level!

Chef Raul’s preparation took all of 10 minutes. Receiving fish that is fresh and not frozen or the not so tasty PREVIOUSLY frozen, is an added benefit to being able to prepare the best possible seafood dishes. Fresh fish delivered to your door so you too can cook fresh salmon at home!

Thank you to Glenn’s Diner and Chef Raul for generously welcoming us into their kitchen and their tremendous hospitality.

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