Cook like a chef at home! Did you know that restaurants order our fish and seafood? So that delicious dish you had that you can not seem to replicate might just be because your fish isn’t Fulton Fresh!

We love to see what new and exciting ventures our Fulton Chefs are on! We paid a visit to Chef Fernando at Guildhall in Glencoe, Illinois to deliver some fresh and enticing Sixty South Salmon. Guildhall is a modern restaurant with rustic influences for local, contemporary fare (and if you’re looking for a delicious craft cocktail, they have that too)!

Our Sixty South Salmon, like all of our fresh fish and seafood, is appropriately packaged for shipping in a cooled container. The fish is safely sealed in cryovac and ready for the chef, or you, to get to cookin’!

Chef Fernando expertly portioned the side of salmon and even trimmed the skin in a matter of seconds! He then seasoned a share to sample and placed it directly on a sizzling, hot grill to sear to perfection. While the Salmon was cooking, he prepared a side salad that was made of olives, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, quinoa, pumpernickel and avocado tossed with sage vinaigrette. A few minutes per side on the searing heat and the Salmon was ready for serving! Literally, package to plate in 10 minutes!

The flavor was perfection. Since Sixty South Salmon is raised in Antarctic waters, the fat distribution in its meat is very specific and makes for optimal taste. Chef Fernando’s presentation was fresh and light allowing the Salmon to really shine among a plethora of accompanying flavors. Buttery and slightly nutty, this flaky Salmon is a favorite in our books.

Thank you to Guildhall and to Chef Fernando for their hospitality and showing us once again why it’s better to go Fulton Fresh!

You can order Salmon online directly from us! SHOP FOR SALMON

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