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Aliens! - Invasive Species of Fish

Non-native or invasive species of plants, snakes, fish and oysters have been in the news for years. They displace native flora and fauna and often ruin the habitat in which they settle.

Getting rid of invasive plants often involves herbicides which can be as harmful to the environment as the invasive plant itself… yuck! Getting rid of invasive snakes is costly and can be painful…double yuck!! Getting rid of invasive seafood is simply delicious.

Invasive seafood came from foreign waters where they were considered delicacies. Domestic cooks and diners will love these non-native species with winning new flavors, subtle exoticism, quick and easy preparation. We can teach you how to prep in 10 minutes or less. And while you are chowing down on some extraordinary, fresh seafood, you will be helping our native fisheries turn back the tide of non-native species.

Givin’ your home fishies some lovin’!! How cool is THAT?

At we, and our customers value these delicious and undervalued fish.

  • Carp - A delicacy in Europe and Asia. Rich, firm and meaty. Portion or steak. Bake, pan-fry or poached.
  • Dogfish - Actually a shark! Firm, mild. Grill or broil.
  • Lionfish - Not actually a lion, but pretty ferocious looking.
  • Rainbow Trout - White, pink, or orange and has a delicate almost nutty flavor. Bake, broil or grill this selection.