Is Your Seafood the Real Deal?

On July 10th the New York Post covered Larry Olmsted’s new book entitled Real Food, Fake Food.

Mr. Olmsted documents just how much of the food we eat every day is not what it seems. Turns out it is quite a lot.

Sometimes the fakes are dangerous such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil laced with peanut oil. Sometimes, the retailer or food service establishments embrace the fakes. Kobe beef is only sold to 3 restaurants in the U.S., so if it is on the menu, it is probably not on the plate, or Red Lobster’s “fake” lobster bisque.

Sometimes the retailer or food service establishment does not know when they have fake product. Both Walmart and Whole Foods have recently been found to have distributed shrimp fished by Thai slave labor, but both have very zealous efforts to ensure supply chain transparency.

The category most referred to is seafood. Easy to understand why with 91% of the product coming from overseas, mostly uninspected.

More on all of these details later, but the part that really upsets me is, “The food industry isn’t just guilty of perpetrating a massive health and economic fraud: it’s cheating us out of pleasure. . . . . The real foods are akin to discovering other galaxies, other universes – taste levels most of us have never experienced.”

Seafood prepared in restaurants or most certainly at home, is often a disappointing if not dismal experience. The cause of the disappointment is the source and freshness of the product. Truly fresh seafood fished responsibly and in the highly regulated waters off the North American coast is truly delicious, absolutely out of this world. It is also quick and easy to prepare, with the same ingredients - pepper, olive oil, salt -that you use to cook a great steak, but seafood much healthier for you.

Mr. Olmsted’s book refers to a couple of retailers in New York that sell great, fresh seafood vetted as to source and freshness. Now for the 98% of us who do not live nearby those two stores, we have where every fish is either locally fished (in the most highly regulated waters in the world) or thoroughly vetted for species accuracy and sustainability. This is where our seafood experts, who write on seafood quality and freshness, select from the seafood that pours over the docks of Fulton Fish Market, the largest seafood market in the hemisphere.

Try us, I guarantee you are going to love the TASTE of our seafood, and I also guarantee it is what you thought it was when you selected it.