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Picky Eater? Try Kid-Friendly Seafood Recipes

kid friendly seafood

Trying to convince a child to eat seafood can be like trying to teach a fish to… tango. Children are notoriously picky, making meal planning difficult when the parents are craving seafood. Seafood is an excellent source of Omega-3's, DHA, and other fatty acids crucial for a child's developing nervous system, brain, and vision. In fact, children should eat seafood once or twice weekly to get the nutrition boost.

If your child is the selective type when it comes to what foods they eat, has your back. We've done a full investigation into why many kids don't like seafood, some strategies to help develop their palates, and a few kid-friendly seafood recipes to get you started. You'll find all the seafood you need from Fulton Fish Market, with delivery right to your door.

Why Some Kids Don’t Like Seafood and Strategies to Win Them Over

Here are a few common reasons kids might not like seafood, along with strategies parents can use to change their minds:

Studies show that many kids won’t try a food until they’ve seen it at least 15 times.
Strategy: To make your life easier, start introducing seafood early. Prepare and cook your own seafood in front of the kids so it is perceived as a normal dinner item.

Many children are content with a handful of familiar foods and resistant to trying new ones.
Strategy: If you're adventurous, try adding some mild seafood to a child's favorite food, like Mac and Cheese. Your child might like the addition, if they even notice it at all. If your child dislikes the added seafood, at least they are unlikely to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and reject plain Mac and Cheese altogether, since it was a favorite dish from the start.
Alternate strategy: If you err on the side of caution and your child can handle skewers, alternating a familiar food with seafood on a skewer. While your child will know a suspicious new food has been introduced, they can taste the seafood separately (ie. “not touching” the familiar food), while learning to associate seafood with tasty meals.

When kids are unengaged from the cooking process, it is easier for them to view the foods they're served as foreign, or as "grown up foods."
Strategy: Get the kids in the kitchen! Have the children help prepare kid-friendly seafood recipes -- by peeling shrimp, for example. They'll appreciate the novelty and feel a sense of ownership over the finished product.

Small children are easily bored at the dinner table and may "transfer" their boredom to the food itself.
Strategy: For small children, try using plates and utensils decorated with seafood. Worth a shot!

Kid-Friendly Seafoods

The following list of kid friendly seafoods will help give you a good start for your family. The flavor profiles can help with your menu planning.

SalmonFull-flavored, high-fat fish; firm texture; deep red in color
TroutMild, nutty flavor; delicate texture; white, pink, or orange in color
Shrimp: Mild, nutty flavor; plum, firm in texture; pink in color
CatfishMild, sweet flavor; moist, dense texture; white-to-pinkish in color
Crab: Sweet, salty flavor; tender texture; red in color
Scallops: Delicate, sweet flavor; soft, fleshly texture; grayish-white to pink in color
CodLean, mild flavor; firm-but-tender texture; white in color
FlounderMild, sweet flavor; flaky texture; white in color
TilapiaMild, sweet flavor; firm-but-flaky texture; white in color
SardinesRobust, oilier flavor; firm texture; white in color

Kid-Friendly Seafood Recipes

Fish Street Tacos RecipeFish Street Tacos Recipe

Fish Street Tacos Recipe


This fish street tacos recipe is so delicious your kids will ask for them over and over! Use any flaky white fish like tilapia, red snapper, bass, cod and halibut.

Shrimp Naan Pizza RecipeShrimp Naan Pizza Recipe

Shrimp Naan Pizza Recipe


Ditch the delivery and stay in with these easy naan pizzas the whole family will love! These individual pizzas come together in minutes - just top naan, or pita bread, with juicy shrimp, tomatoes and cheese, and bake. This is also a great recipe to get kids cooking with seafood!

Crab Salad with Chives RecipeCrab Salad with Chives Recipe

Crab Salad with Chives Recipe


Change up boring school lunches with our easy crab salad recipe. This delicious creamy salad is filled with our fresh Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, healthy avocado, and is anything but boring. Wrapped in lettuce leaves, stuffed in a tomato, layered on a croissant, or simply eaten with a fork; your kid's new favorite lunch will be the envy of their classmates!

Lemon & Herb Fish Fingers RecipeLemon & Herb Fish Fingers Recipe

Lemon & Herb Fish Fingers Recipe


Is it possible the best air fryer fish fingers recipe is also gluten-free? Yes, it is! Our fish fingers use fresh haddock and are taken up a notch with a delicious lemon and herb crust. They are crispy air-fried perfection! Try our Lemon and Herb Fish Fingers recipe and judge for yourself; you will definitely not miss the deep-fryer!

Fresh Tuna Burger RecipeFresh Tuna Burger Recipe

Fresh Tuna Burger Recipe


Our family-favorite fresh tuna burger recipe lets the fresh taste of our #1 Ahi tuna shine, and is ready in under 10 minutes! Grab the kids and enjoy a new take on burger night!

Smoked Salmon Pinwheel RecipeSmoked Salmon Pinwheel Recipe

Smoked Salmon Pinwheel Recipe


Smoked salmon pinwheels are a quick and easy seafood recipe you can pull together that the whole family will love for a quick snack or lunch. Thanks to Seafood Nutrition Partnership for the recipe. delivers fresh, sustainably-produced fish direct to your door. Check out our online selection, and order delicious seafood for you and your family.