Chicago is a hotbed of great food and inspiring restaurants. It’s not hard to see why is a great option for chefs in cities such as Chicago; landlocked with little access to fresh ocean seafood.

We can’t resist tasting the dishes that our chefs create with our delicious seafood so we paid a visit to Chef Fila at La Storia in Chicago. La Storia is quite a sight. Tucked into a cozy corner townhouse in the Gold Coast of Chicago, this charming restaurant is adorned with whimsical caricatures by famed caricaturist Edward Sorel. La Storia is one of Top Nosh Hospitality’s wonderful restaurants along with Chicago Q, Blue Door Kitchen and Garden, and Blue Door Farm Stand.

We brought Chef Fila a delicious piece of Halibut to sample. Chef Fila expertly portioned the side and the magic began. Flames erupted in a blazing hot pan and the scents in the kitchen were mouthwatering! Chef Fila added a medley of cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, shallots, garlic, cipollini, butter, salt and pepper to the searing fish creating a sauce that complimented the fish beautifully.

The flavor was as rich and bold as the restaurant itself. The fish was light and the savory flavors of the stewed vegetables were a perfect addition to this firm, flaky fish.

Being in landlocked Chicago no longer means being “locked” into eating only lake fish! Chefs can order from a variety of ocean fish and delicacies around the world. This courtesy is not only extended to chefs, however, YOU can also buy fresh, delicious seafood and have it delivered to your door in a day! Your seafood will arrive in a cooled container, safely sealed in cryovac and ready to cook or store!

Thank you to La Storia and to Chef Fila for their hospitality and always keeping it Fulton Fresh!

You can order Halibut online directly from us! SHOP FOR HALIBUT

If you’re looking for Chicago restaurants, pay a visit to La Storia - PAY A VISIT TO LA STORIA