Lent meant Fridays without meat when I was growing up in Cedar Lake Indiana. If we were lucky we had pancakes. If not so lucky, we had fish. Fish was not a great choice in those days. It tasted pretty bad, and it made the kitchen smell like …well fish.

Lent is totally different with the arrival FultonFishMarket.com.

Hundreds of fresh fish fly from your finger-clicks to your doorstep in just hours.

  • Packed in socially responsible, cooled boxes your halibut, salmon, shrimp, porgy, sea bass, tuna or whatever, arrives right from the water.
  • You can pop the convenient portions directly into a hot pan, with a bit of oil, salt and pepper and in 10 minutes have a gourmet experience.
  • Or order several different types and toss this fresh fish into the freezer for use later in the week.
  • The most delicious meals you will have ever experienced, and no fish smell in the kitchen (fresh fish smells like the sea.)

    Fresh seafood is the healthiest source of protein you can consume so giving up that meat for Fulton Fresh fish is guaranteed to have you and your family feeling great and enjoying dinner more. Make Lent a habit to practice all year long. This is a change in taste that you will love every week.

    Who needs pancakes for Lent, when you have FultonFishMarket.com?