The Bomb Cyclone snowstorms and frigid weather that over 100 million of our neighbors have experienced since the beginning of the year also impact our food supply.

The most obvious impacts are on plane delays and cancellations, but trucks are delayed in weather and from resulting traffic snarls as well.

All that cold and precipitation also impact the fishing fleets. In this case many fishing boats and the small family fisher were docked for the holidays when the first storms hit. Boats are frozen at the dock. Oyster beds, clam beds and access channels are frozen over, sometimes for long periods of time.

And even when the fishers do get out on the water, remember that those icy winds, sleet and snow continue to howl churning up the water they fish on, fouling the gear they work with and making more dangerous, what is already the most dangerous profession.

Weather like this reminds our customers and employees how hard it is to get truly fresh, wonderful seafood on our plates.

Another bout of winter weather is upon us! Hats off to the fishermen during this challenging time of year.