You have no doubt gone into your Kroger, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart or even Amazon store only to find your favorite cracker, soda, or shampoo missing from the shelf - out-of-stock. Why? Good question with no good answer in the case of these packaged goods.

Occasionally, you will find one of our fresh, delicious and healthy seafood selections out of stock. Or worse yet, you may have ordered it and on the day that we select product to fulfill your order we find there are no acceptable fish to send you. There are two reasons this can happen:

  1. It is called “fishin” for a reason. Sometimes fish don’t bite! Fishermen are at the mercy of the sea and weather.

    Some days they don’t catch the fish you order. Hopefully, for the fishermen’s sake, they catch something! Wild caught fish are . . . . wild! Part of the reason that we offer so many products is that so many delicious, fresh, species are available in the market. Many are unusual and not the mundane, commercial catches. When they are caught we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy them.

  2. Sometimes the fish we find are just not quite right for our customers. If undersized, mishandled or “carried” product (items that are presented as fresh, but are in fact older product) we know you won’t be happy with it so our expert mongers don’t accept it on your behalf.

What do we do when a fish you order is out of stock?

  1. We call and email you to see if you would like to either postpone or substitute with another product if our chef has selected a fish that has similar taste and cooking characteristics.
  2. We do not charge you if you choose to cancel that item.

A new and better way to buy the best seafood.