Red Snapper is considered the poster child of fraud foods. According to Eater Magazine: Rockefeller University's Dr. Mark Stoeckle is involved in DNA species testing for the Barcode of Life project. Dr. Stoeckle said, "Just don’t ever order red snapper. The poster child for fraud, the real thing is served up less than six percent of the time.” Essentially, if you have ordered Red Snapper 20 times there is a pretty fair chance you have actually had the fish once . . . or maybe not at all.

That is a shame because true Red Snapper, is a delight in every bite. American Red Snapper is sustainable and safe to boot. Turns out it is as easy to secure the genuine fish as ordering it from’s seafood experts have spent their lives studying, examining and even teaching others about correctly identifying seafood species and finding the freshest of the fresh.

And it is SO easy to prepare. No one would ever confuse me with a cook much less a chef. But this American Red Snapper from is so fresh that all I needed to turn out the meal you see above was a hot grill, a bit of olive oil, some salt and a bit of cayenne pepper (I like a bit of heat). Great, fresh fish, prepped in less than 10 minutes into a delicious meal.

Mike Spindler