Another delicious visit to a glorious Chicago destination! We’re very into seeing what our chefs create with our seafood and we’re even MORE INTO tasting it! We were in for a treat when we paid a visit to Riccardo Trattoria’s Chef Al Gaida in Chicago’s beautiful Lincoln Park neighborhood.

At Riccardo Trattoria, Chef Al prepares beautiful and authentic Italian dishes that taste like history and tradition. Its warm ambiance enhances conversation and turns focus to a truly extraordinary menu featuring only the freshest ingredients. Word to the wise, a necessary part in all of that fresh, delicious cuisine is FULTON FRESH, delicious seafood!

We brought Chef Al a beautiful side of Fulton Fresh Salmon to sample and prepare a bite to taste! He portioned the side into generous helpings leaving the skin on for ultimate crispiness. A dash of seasoning is all that he added to the portion before placing it on a piping hot grill, skin-down first. After the fish was perfectly seared, he served it Provencal-style with white wine, baby artichokes, olives and capers.

This dish radiated soothing flavors that are sure to warm up any snowy night. What’s wonderful about this dish is that it is not only delicious, but also GOOD FOR YOU! Eating seafood twice per week can drastically improve your health and reduce predispositions for certain neurological conditions. With 33,000 different kinds of fish in the sea, you can dine on a new creation with every meal! Let’s just say Chef Al’s seared Fulton Fresh Salmon is one of the recipes we’d make first!

Preparing a restaurant quality dish is made easier with the freshest ingredients. Our seafood is well packaged when it’s shipped to your home and even sealed in airtight packaging so that you can cook it right away or freeze for later use. We’ve even got plenty of fast, easy recipes for you to try!

Thank you to Riccardo Trattoria and Chef Al Gaida for his warm welcome, delicious food and overall hospitality. We’ll be back!

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