On May 10th, FultonFishMarket.com invited our own experts, chefs and guest a-fish-ionados to help us taste test candidates for the coveted Fulton Fresh Salmon recommendation on our FultonFishMarket.com consumer site.

We taste tested:

  • Atlantic Sapphire
  • SixtySouth
  • Ora-King
  • Our current Faroe Island Fulton Fresh product

    And, to round it out:

  • A brilliant Copper River King from the family of fishers with whom we work directly during the short season.
  • A different but equally wonderful sockeye direct from our friends in Bristol Bay.

This is a blind taste test rated by number across a number of criteria. The only one who knows which is which is our own Director of Procurement and CIA trained Chef Anthony shown here prepping the product.

The product is consistently cooked with a minimum of ingredients generally just a bit of olive oil.

In addition to ratings forms, modified for each species tested, judges are asked to rank each salmon against the others and to explain their votes.

FultonFishMarket.com routinely performs taste tests in the quest to bring the best tasting product to the consumer here in America.

In every case, should a product win a position on the site from the taste perspective, the product must still be exhaustively vetted from a sustainability and safety basis.

Our consumers may like some of our fish species more than others, but they never have to worry about sustainability, safety or the fact that our staff of experts have tasted the product each consumer has bought.