Halloween is right around the corner! Let’s celebrate the scariest season of the year with some of the most ghoulish creatures of the sea. But don’t be fooled by their wicked looks. These seafoods are enchantingly delicious!


Fresh Monkfish

The mean-mugging Monkfish is a sea monster-turned marvel in the kitchen. Similar to lobster in texture and mild in taste, don't judge this fish by its harsh face! It is difficult to find a better tasting fish than this creature!

Sea Urchin

Fresh Sea Urchin

Small, spiky, definitely scary... but that’s just from the outside! Like most things with a rough exterior, the urchin has a surprisingly soft, tender interior that will make your taste buds smile.


Fresh Lobster

Cracking open the lobster’s hard shell will reveal the sweet, succulent meat you know and love! Ironically enough, the most intimidating parts of the Lobster-- its CLAWS-- are actually its tastiest!


Fresh Crab

Though there are many different types of crabs, they all have one thing in common-- those pesky pinchers! But as with lobsters, those claws are often a crab’s best culinary contribution, so just cook, crack, and chow!


Fresh Dogfish Shark

Sharks are scary, sure. But they’re also quite misunderstood, for they aren't all jaws and teeth. Many sharks are actually quite delicious, and versatile in the kitchen! In fact, humans eat far more sharks than vice versa!

So this Halloween season, give one of these hauntingly delicious seafoods a try and have it delivered direct to your doorstep from FultonFishMarket.com!