Fresh, never frozen, seafood has made it across the country to all of the lower 48 states thanks to

Just over a year ago, the company launched its direct to consumer business. Rather than buy seafood and sell from inventory, the company selects the best of the best from the many wholesalers at the Fulton Fish Market, the largest seafood market in America.

At Fulton Fish Market - every midnight a couple of million pounds of fresh seafood come across the docks. seafood mongers, the most experienced in the business, select only the freshest, most beautiful seafood to fulfill the online consumer orders.

That product is then lovingly fabricated to the customer’s directives - always dressed, but often filleted, portioned and deboned. It is then packaged in the only FDA approved packaging for Fresh Fish, and boxed in responsible packaging, most of which is compostable.

Fresh fish arrives on your doorstep the next morning. The freshest, tastiest seafood available, anywhere!

“Our customers are a great mix of empty nesters and parents with young kids,” explained Mike Spindler CEO of “These folks are most concerned with:

  • Protein with fabulous and varied taste
  • Healthy
  • Easy and quick to prepare
  • Sustainable
  • Safe and
  • Planet friendly (seafood is not just the healthiest source of protein for us, it is by far easier on the planet than other proteins.)”

“We are delighted to have customers from every demographic, every walk of life and every state in the nation. Customers constantly tell us our fresh seafood is the best, easiest to prepare they have ever had.” seafood experts select from the millions of pounds of fresh, sustainable, safe seafood every morning in order to secure the best of the best seafood which is then carefully prepared, packed and shipped out directly to your door that same morning. Every seafood selection on our site ( has been taste tested by our own chef.