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Summer Potluck Ideas: Seafood Dishes for Groups

summer potluck ideas

There is something about a potluck that has near-universal appeal. Maybe it’s the fact that other people do (at least some of) the recipe planning, cooking, and clean-up. Maybe it’s also the fact that, since everyone brings something different, you get a world of variety without a world of hassle. Whether you’re throwing a potluck or have merely been invited to one, it’s likely you’re in the market for easy, delicious seafood potluck ideas. Here are some quick recipe ideas perfect for a summer potluck, along with pro-tips on picking a summer potluck dish. delivers fresh, sustainably-produced seafood right to your door, so all you have to worry about is the party planning.

Summer Potluck Ideas: Seafood for the Win

When party planners dish on how to plan for a potluck, their bottom line is clear: seafood fits the bill to make your party (and recipe) planning easier. Here are the perks of including seafood in your summer potluck ideas:

  • Seafood is packed with flavor, so everyone will remember your dish. One of the fun perks about attending a potluck is showing off your culinary tastes and skills. When you bring a dish featuring fresh, sustainably-produced seafood from, you’ll make your mark as the life of the party.
  • Seafood fits with a range of dietary restrictions. When you're throwing a big party, it's almost guaranteed that your guests will have different dietary needs and restrictions. Unless your guests are vegan or non-pescatarian vegetarians, seafood will be compatible with their diet. That is, you can serve seafood gluten free (ie. with non-glutinous grains), dairy free (ie. without cheese or milk products), and even reduced-fat (ie. prepared without added fats), just to name a few.
  • Seafood can be "themed." Choosing a theme for your potluck is a popular way to create memories and a cohesive menu. Think: global street food, Grandma's favorites, beating the heat, and seasonal party themes. Whatever your potluck theme, seafood is versatile to not only fit the theme, but enhance it.
  • Seafood helps you organize the menu. One of the challenges of throwing a summer potluck is organizing the menu so that party-goers bring a variety of dishes. When you include seafood in your potluck ideas, the seafood dish becomes the centerpiece of your event. Go ahead and tell partygoers what your seafood potluck entree is, and ask guests to bring something that will compliment the flavor profile.

Summer Potluck Seafood Recipes to Share

The following seafood recipes are optimal summer potluck ideas since they can be shared and enjoyed by large groups.


Shrimp Alfredo Pasta Bake

When it comes to summer potluck ideas, who can refuse shrimp alfredo in casserole form? This recipe is straightforward to make and can be prepared ahead of time; just warm it up in the oven in time for the party.

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls

Our smokey, smooth salmon, combined with crisp cucumbers and a layer of cream cheese make this a perfect (mostly) healthy addition to any brunch menu. Be sure to serve these babies quickly. They are best within a few hours of rolling them!

Cream Cheese Crab Spread

Bringing an appetizer really works well for a summer potluck. We have plenty of ideas for appetizers in our seafood recipes. This particular crab spread can be enjoyed alone as an appetizer or paired with non-seafood dishes to add some flair. You can make this crab spread ahead of time. Just warm it up in the oven before the party starts, and serve with bread, crackers or baked pita chips.