We are still a week away and already this Superbowl is racking up impressive statistics.

Most of those are attached to a vibrant quarterback who straddles the line between Generation X and the millennials. He breaks the mold by being; the oldest starting quarterbacks, the most appearances in a Super Bowl and the most Super Bowl wins before he even suits up for this one.

How does 40-year-old Tom Brady do it? Exercise, of course, is part of it, but all great quarterbacks exercise. The difference is the diet and, more to the point, the way he treats his diet as the key component to health and wellness.

Regardless of your status as a boomer, X’er, millennial or even you Z’ers, you can fundamentally, dramatically and sustainably improve your health and well being by changing your diet to delicious seafood, greens, nuts, fruits and olive oil.

Devastating diseases like cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes and others are positively impacted by switching your proteins to seafood. There is virtually nothing better you can do for your health and mental well-being than eating well and eating seafood.

The best way to make the switch is to get truly fresh, never frozen, sustainable and always delicious seafood from FultonFishMarket.com.

Try a couple of our Super Bowl recipes and get a great start on a healthier 2018 for you and those you love.

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