Sustainable food is a huge topic for health, the environment and the continuing ability of the world to feed itself.

Did you know?

The healthiest source of protein is also the most sustainable and the friendliest to the environment? Yep, Seafood tops the bill in all three categories.

The absolute best place to fish and gather shellfish is within 200 miles of our coastline. Yep, fishing and shellfish gathering within the 200 mile limits of North America are the most regulated fisheries in the world. That means that the seafood fished here is more tracked, certified, responsibly sustainable and safer than the seafood fished anywhere else.

That most seafood available in the U.S. is NOT the fresh, delicious, sustainable North American fish but is shipped in, mostly frozen, from abroad?

At, there's plenty of fish in the sea:

  • Conway Royal Oysters - Serve Conway Royal Oysters on the half shell, with plenty of lemon to cut through the salt and enhance the sweetness. Other recommendations include frying, as well as roasting or stewing in hearty soups and chowders with a hit of cayenne pepper!
  • Sea Robin - The sturdy flesh of the Sea Robin makes it ideal for stews and soups, such as bouillabaisse, paired with mild tastes such as paprika, onion, tomato and saffron. You may also bake, fry or poach them with excellent results!
  • Whitewater Mussles - Lightly broil Whitewater Mussels on the half shell, stuffed with seasoned bread crumb or marinated in lemon and fresh herbs. You may also steam them with butter, garlic, wine and fresh thyme for decidedly Mediterranean take!