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We Complete the Pass with Tom Brady's Alkaline Diet

Yesterday Tom Brady, 41-year-old NFL quarterback, led the New England Patriots to their fourth AFC Championship in the last five years. With so many wins, one has to wonder, what is Brady's secret to staying healthy?

Alkaline Diet Tom Brady Seafood

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady credits much of his championship performance to his championship lifestyle, which revolves around the Alkaline Diet. This diet fights acidity by avoiding and limiting processed foods, sugar, conventional meats and alcohol, as detailed in his book released last year, The TB12 Method. The Alkaline Diet focuses on eating “alkalizing” foods, or foods meant to decrease inflammation throughout the body.

The one meat he talks about in his daily diet is “a piece of fish.”

Nutritionists agree that seafood is absolutely the healthiest source of protein, with key benefits that strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system, improve joint function, and maintain brain health. Seafood is known to promote longevity as well, keeping you healthier for longer - after all, Brady is 41 and just yesterday beat a 23-year-old QB in the AFC Championship. On top of all that, seafood has amazing benefits for unborn children and for young kids throughout their development years.

But “a piece of fish?” We believe you can do SO much better than that, Mr. Brady!

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Congratulations on your win, Mr. Brady. Good luck in the Superbowl from your friends at!