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One Person's "Trash Fish", Another Person's Feast!

“Trash” in this case is a misnomer. Fish without a ready commercial market are often are caught in the same nets as commercial fish such as Cod or Haddock. The fishermen separate these non-commercial fish from the target catch and so coined the term “trash” fish.

The unfortunately named fish are delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare, sustainable and easy on the wallet.

At these undervalued fish are appreciated! Delicious and generally abundant, customers value these delicious selections too!

  • Butterfish - Small, delicate and …well buttery. Grill, broil, bake or sauté. 10 minutes = a meal.
  • Carp - A delicacy in Europe and Asia. Rich, firm and meaty. Portion or steak. Bake, pan-fry or poach.
  • Banded Rudderfish - With characteristics similar to tuna this fish is clean, firm and beautiful.
  • Herring - Petite, flavorful, rich in omega 3’s. Pan fry, grill or broil.
  • Redfish - Mild and sweet in flavor with a medium-firm texture similar to Red Snapper.
  • Spanish Mackerel - Tastiest of the mackerels. Dark meat, high in healthy oils. Bake, broil or steam.
  • All our fresh seafood is chef-selected and lovingly prepared, packaged and sent directly to your door!