The Ultimate Seafood Thanksgiving

Seafood Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, and while the gatherings might be smaller, we still want the holidays to be a celebration of gratitude and great food. This year, we're focusing on being grateful for the delicious seafood and the fishing communities that bring it to our tables.

More and more Americans are ditching the turkey and looking to the sea for the holidays, so we've put together our ultimate seafood Thanksgiving menu. With so much variety across fish and shellfish and specialty seafood, you can offer a menu brimming with seafood dishes including holiday classics like fried calamari and smoked salmon spread, to our brand new clam dip recipe. And what could be more impressive than our whole roasted fish recipes, from fresh branzini to sustainable striped bass. Whatever you choose, there's never been a better time to have a seafood Thanksgiving. Cheers to good health, good friends and great seafood!

Here are our best seafood Thanksgiving recipes:

Smoked Salmon Pate Recipe

Smoked salmon spread or smoked salmon paté is always impressive to serve and is the easiest appetizer to make. Add a pack or two of smoked salmon to your next order and try our smoked salmon spread recipe which comes together in two minutes, perfect for a fuss-free Thanksgiving.

Clam Dip Recipe

This is the ultimate clam dip recipe, ready to enjoy as part of your seafood Thanksgiving menu. Unlike other clam dips, our clam dip recipe is full of sweet, briny, fresh littleneck clams, before being crowned with a bubbling hot, golden breadcrumb crust. Serve this crowd pleaser with chips and crackers.

Oyster Stuffing Recipe

Let's face it, Thanksgiving is all about the sides. Our classic oyster stuffing recipe (or oyster dressing!) is full of plump, briny Atlantic oysters made with our bestselling fresh shucked oyster cups. When you see how easy our stuffing recipe is to make you'll never go back to the boxed stuff again.

Best-Ever Crab Dip Recipe

We have a feeling this year is going to be all about grazing, so add our crab dip recipe to your holiday menu. Made with luscious fresh lump crabmeat, enjoy this cold or hot crab dip with elegant toast points.

Fried Calamari Recipe

Our fried calamari recipe has been a customer favorite from day one. Better whip up a second batch, our golden fried calamari made with fresh calamari disappears fast, especially when paired with our easy marinara dipping sauce.

Roasted Fish Recipe

Nothing impresses like whole roasted fish as a holiday centerpiece. There's no shortage of whole fish to choose from at Fulton Fish Market, from fresh bronzini, trout and sole, to sustainable Pacifico striped bass, snapper and black sea bass. This year our favorite whole roasted fish recipe is this stunning Whole Roasted Striped Bass, served with roasted tomatillos, garlic and herbs.