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We are a lightweight with Weight Watchers (WW)

According to the U.S. News & World Report recent study on the BEST diets, Weight Watchers (now WW) takes the prize for getting weight off and keeping it off. Salmon

The company has reimagined itself as a health and wellness company under the direction of new part-owner Oprah Winfrey and new CEO Mindy Grossman.

And you can have anything you wish as long as that item’s point value doesn’t put you over your daily or weekly window. Shrimp

So guess what tasty, healthy protein has NO points? Yep, fish! No points, eat all you wish! How very cool is that? Not only can you chow down, but seafood is the absolute healthiest source of protein. Very important benefits for: your heart, your whole cardio system, and your brain. And it has amazing benefits for your unborn and for kids throughout their development years. Whitefish

Whats that you say? You KNOW fish is good for you but you don’t much care for it and its hard to prepare?

Well, that is all going to change right now.

Almost if not all of the fish you have had is from overseas, has been frozen and much of it is of dubious character. fish is fresh, never frozen. It's selected whole, right off the docks by your personal fish monger, prepared to order (cleaned, and turned into fillets or portions) packed in socially responsible materials and delivered directly to your door. And fresh fish not only tastes amazing, it is EASY TO PREPARE. Pan-Fried Whitefish

Watch our videos and you will have gourmet meals on the table 10 minutes after opening the box. And while you are enjoying it, you will be getting healthier and WW won’t be adding any points.