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Fall in love with our Valentine’s Day seafood! Shop now.
Fall in love with our Valentine’s Day seafood! Shop now.


Fulton Fish Market is the ultimate fish market for seafood lovers looking to buy fish online. We offer a wide variety of fresh fish from salmon to tuna, cod, mahi mahi, tilapia, and many more. With Fulton Fish Market you can browse our fish online and have your order delivered directly to your home!


Ordering fresh fish online from Fulton Fish Market is as easy as:

1. Browse our fresh fish selection online.
2. Select the fish you'd like to order.
3. Select a shipping date.
4. Wait for your fresh fish order to show up at your door!

Buying fresh fish online has never been easier, but our quality is also second to none!


When you buy fish online from Fulton Fish Market we guarantee your seafood will be the freshest available. Salmon is a customer favorite at Fulton Fish Market. We carry all types of salmon including Atlantic Salmon, Alaskan King Salmon, Copper River Salmon, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, and many more! Tuna is another customer favorite. We have the freshest ahi tuna available online! Other seasonal favorites are striped bass, snapper, mahi mahi, and tilapia. These fish are great during the spring and summer seasons and make for an amazing fresh fish dinner.


Visit our recipes to try one of the hundreds of great fish and seafood recipes! All recipes include detailed instructions on how to cook the seafood dish as well as a list of ingredients you will need to complete the meal!