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What are Blackfish?

Blackfish, also known as the Tautog, are a species of fish that live in the western Atlantic Ocean, from Nova Scotia to South Carolina.

Blackfish tend to inhabit areas where they find a lot of structure and cover such as holes, rocky areas, reefs, jetties, and wrecks.

What Do Blackfish Taste Like?

Blackfish taste similar to the fish they eat - lobster, mussels, barnacles, and crabs; often referred to as chowder fish. Denser meat than most, and white in color, Tautog or Blackfish is a favorite in the city of New York.

How to Cook Blackfish

Blackfish can be eaten fresh, smoked, fried, and even dried. Blackfish can be filleted or can be cooked whole. Blackfish are considered quite a delicacy in some places and is known for its versatility in the kitchen.

Looking for a Blackfish Recipe?

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