Buy Hamachi Yellowtail Fish

Wondering where to buy yellowtail fish to recreate your favorite Japanese-inspired dishes? Buy hamachi that is carefully selected to provide you with the very best quality, texture, and taste no matter how you prepare it.


Hamachi - Superfrozen, Yellowtail, Farmed, Japan, Fillet (5lb avg)


Hamachi - Yellowtail, Fresh, Farmed, Japan, Fillet (4.5lb avg)


Pompano - Florida, Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole (1.5lb avg) - NOT AVAILABLE


Kanpachi - Fresh, Farmed, Whole (4.5lb avg) - NOT AVAILABLE

Jacks, Hamachi, Yellowtail – Which Is It?

Okay, we understand the confusion. Yellowtail, referred to as hamachi – or buri, depending on age and size – in Japanese, is a type of jacks fish. You might recognize the name from your local sushi bar menu. Other types of jacks include the pompano and amberjack, both less subtle in flavor than the yellowtail. Yellowtail fish, not to be confused with yellowfin tuna, gets some of its extra flavor from its fattier content. Confused yet? When serving this fish, feel free to call it hamachi, yellowtail, buri, or jacks.

How to Prepare Your Hamachi

All our yellowtail fish for sale is not only a staple at Japanese restaurants for its lean composition that is bursting with flavor in every bite, but its tastes are beloved when cooked at home as well. Take your amature chef skills to the next level by poaching your hamachi with complementary tastes like elderflower, melon juice, or coconut. Serve with wine and relishes when entertaining friends. Or, bring those culinary talents of yours to the grill for a swanky backyard barbeque. When you buy hamachi from, you can be confident that any seafood dish will impress your guests.