Fresh Mullet

With its full, nutty flavor, succulent flesh, and high fat content, fresh mullet is often referred to as "Biloxi bacon" and considered similar to lobster and crab.


Mullet - Grey, Fresh, Wild, USA (2lb avg)


Bottarga Dell'Isola - Grey Mullet Roe, East Coast, Fresh, Wild, USA (6oz avg)

Types of Mullet Fish for Sale

Our assortment of fresh mullet includes red mullet, grey mullet, and the salty delicacy known as Bottarga Dell'Isola. Despite its name, the red mullet actually isn't a mullet at all. Its taste is mild like the mullet's, but it is more similar to that of the ocean perch, and its flesh has the same vibrant red hue. The grey mullet, more accurately named, is a fattier variety of mullet than its black counterpart and does not boast the same striations. Offering a crustacean-like nutty taste, its flesh is white and firm. Its eggs are what create the Bottarga Dell'Isola, a dried and salted roe that is a delectable complement to a pasta dish.

Where to Buy Mullet Fish

One cannot deny the exquisite taste and quality of's fresh mullet. Fresher than what you will find at the nearby grocery store and more convenient than searching for a local seafood market, our mullet is the right choice. We do most of the work for you. All you have to do, once you receive the fresh mullet at your door, is cook it. Bake, pan roast, broil, or grill– choose the cooking method you and your family enjoy most, and pair the mild flavors with your favorite seasonings for a meal you won't forget