Salmon - Copper River Sockeye, Fresh, Wild, USA, Fillet (1lb avg) - OUT OF SEASON

  • Salmon - Copper River Sockeye, Fresh, Wild, USA, Fillet (1lb avg) - OUT OF SEASON

    One (1lb avg) Fillet, Skin On

    Out of season

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Due to strict fishing quotas, we received a very limited supply of Copper River wild salmon and sold out within hours! Sign up to be the FIRST to hear when more wild salmon is fresh off the boat by emailing

Ruby red in color and rich in flavor, Copper River wild sockeye salmon is a joy to cook and a treat to eat. Simply season with salt and pepper and roast or grill for a quick dinner the whole family will love.

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Sockeye Salmon Sustainability Information


Oncorhynchus nerka





Taste & Texture

  • Rich
  • Medium

Nutritional Facts

Protein (g)24
Omega 3 (mg)1200
Total Fat (g)10

Region & Fishery

Where From


Fun Fact

First used by the Alaska native population and later by settlers from the Russian empire and the United States, the Copper River has 13 major tributaries, is a mile wide and runs at 7 miles per hour.

Product Preparation

Bake, broil, grill, pan sear or poach whole and filleted Copper River Salmon with your favorite herbs, spices and seasonings. Serve with mild to moderately flavored sauces, and enjoy.

Product Nutrition

Alaskan Salmon provides an excellent source of protein, Omega-3, Selenium, Phosphorus, and Vitamins D, B-3, -B6, and B-12.

FFM Seafood Cooking Methods - Bake/Broil

FFM Seafood Cooking Methods - Grilling

FFM Seafood Cooking Methods - Pan Searing

FFM Seafood Cooking Methods - Poaching

Nutrition Facts

AmountPercent Daily Value
Cholesterol (mg)70 23%
Sodium (mg)55 2%
Potassium (mg)430 12%
Total Carbohydrate (g)0 0%
Percent Daily Value
Vitamin A4%
Vitamin C4%

Info Source U.S. Food and Drug Administration