Flounder - Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole (2lb avg) - OUT OF SEASON

  • Flounder - Fresh, Wild, USA, Whole (2lb avg) - OUT OF SEASON

    Descaled, Gutted, Gilled

    Out of season

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Dull brown in color with reddish brown blotches, Flounder is considered to be the most popular of flatfish. It is easily enjoyed by those who like a fish with lean, firm, white meat and a clean, subtle flavor. You’ll find it similar to Fluke, Sole or Dab.


Pseudopleuronectes americanus





Taste & Texture

  • Mild, Moderate
  • Delicate and flaky

Nutritional Facts

Protein (g)19
Omega 3 (mg)400
Total Fat (g)1.5

Region & Fishery

Fun Fact

A flounder plays a prominent role in the German folk tale "The Fisherman and His Wife."

Product Preparation

Firmly textured Flounder is versatile in the kitchen. Prepare it whole by broiling, baking or steaming it. Or fillet it and sauté or pan-fry it. Milder seasonings and sauces work best. Remember, overcooking may dry it out.

Product Nutrition

Low in fat, Flounder is also a very good source of protein, Niacin, B Vitamins, Phosphorus, Calcium and Selenium.

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Nutrition Facts

AmountPercent Daily Value
Cholesterol (mg)55 18%
Sodium (mg)100 4%
Potassium (mg)390 11%
Total Carbohydrate (g)0 0%
Percent Daily Value

Info Source U.S. Food and Drug Administration