Hake - Fresh, Wild, USA, Head Off (4lb avg)

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  • Hake - Fresh, Wild, USA, Head Off (4lb avg)

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A long time New England favorite, the flavor of Hake is very similar to that of Cod and Haddock, with a slightly milder and subtly sweet flavor. Its flesh is more also more medium textured – fairly soft and delicate.

Hake Sustainability Information


Merluccius bilinearis





Taste & Texture

  • Mild
  • Delicate and flaky

Nutritional Facts

Protein (g)20
Omega 3 (mg)400
Total Fat (g)1

Region & Fishery

Where From

New England

Fun Fact

Hake stay in deep sea water during the day and come to shallower depths during the night.

Product Preparation

With its subtle flavor, be sure to use milder spices when frying, sautéing, poaching and baking Hake fillets. You may also broil it whole in the oven, or slow cook it whole on the grill, again with subtle herbs and spices.

Product Nutrition

Hake is perfect for those searching for a delicious meal that is low in fat and a good source of protein and Omega-3. It is also rich in Phosphorus and Vitamins B1, B2, B3.

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Nutrition Facts

AmountPercent Daily Value
Cholesterol (mg)70 23%
Sodium (mg)110 5%
Potassium (mg)370 10%
Total Carbohydrate (g)0 0%
Percent Daily Value
Vitamin A2%

Info Source New York Seafood Council