Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to dust off that grill from its winter sleep, and throw on some fresh, delicious seafood. We've gathered our favorites to help you visualize the perfect Memorial Day menu!

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Steaks & Burgers

The firm, meaty texture and rich, distinctive flavor of fresh Ahi Tuna makes it one of the most popular seafood choices around the globe.

Swordfish has a meaty texture ideal for grilling - a healthy alternative for those who enjoy a meaty and filling texture with a sweet flavor.

Our fresh, never frozen Faroe Islands salmon steaks are some of the best tasting and most sustainable salmon you’ll ever taste.

Made from wild-caught and sustainability-sourced Mexican blue shrimp, these shrimp burger patties are great to have on hand for quick and easy grilling.

4 Ways to Grill Seafood

Ah, the smoky scent of the grill—one sniff and you know it’s (almost) summer. But why stick to the same old burgers and hot dogs when you’re planning your backyard menu this Memorial Day?

Whole Fish Perfect for Grilling

Mediterranean Branzino is a perfect candidate for preparing whole. Its size is ideal for roasting and grilling with a light and fresh flavor.

You’ll enjoy its mild, nutty flavor that’s often compared to that of the Porgy. This snapper is 1.5lb average size.

Loved by chefs for their amazing flavor and small size which makes them ideal for frying or baking whole.

Easy Prep Items

Throw them in the oven or on the grill for a quick and easy appetizer!

Tender buttery scallops wrapped in smoky bacon are the perfect sweet and savory treat.

Packed with sweet, flaky crab meat, our authentic Phillip's crab cakes are quick and easy to prepare.

Deveined by hand and never treated with chemicals, brines or glazes, this is a delicious shrimp you can feel good about.

How to Cook Whole Fish

It looks impressive, but one of the easiest and quickest ways to enjoy seafood is to cook whole fish. Moist and flaky, it’s a guaranteed method for getting tons of flavor out of your fish, and you don’t have to be a professional chef to do it.

Shellfish & More

These lobster tails are packed with sweet, succulent  meat and make an ideal appetizer.

White Gulf Shrimp are excellent on the grill or served chilled in Shrimp Cocktail.

Our soft shell blue crabs have a rich, sweet, buttery taste and are full of pure crab flavor.

Blue Point oysters are medium-sized, they are mild, pleasingly salty and extremely meaty.

Lay out the raw Blue Points on ice, with slices of lemon and some hot sauce; time to get shucking.

PEI mussels make a fantastic sharable dish in minutes with very little effort.

It's all in the sauce...

Did you know we have our very own line of sauces? Whether you're looking to marinate, dip, or drizzle, our signature sauces will add so much flavor to your dish!

Zesty, bold and rich, use it as a dipping sauce for oysters, clams and shrimp cocktail, or brush over shellfish before grilling or broiling.

Rich, creamy and punchy, serve as a dipping sauce for crab cakes or pair with baked or fried seafood, or in place or tartare sauce for fish.

Smooth, rich and succulent - brush over fish or shellfish before cooking, or marinade salmon, halibut or shrimp briefly for a quick hit of flavor.

Vibrant, aromatic and with a hint of spice, our Sesame Ginger sauce pairs perfectly with grilled tuna and shellfish, or toss through bass, snapper or squid.

...and the spice!

The larger grind makes it ideal for adding flavor and texture to your next grilled salmon.

This is the perfect combo of sweet and smokey to compliment the savory meaty flavor of salmon!

Summer Grill Prep - Pro Tips for Gas or Charcoal Grills

We’ve taking the guesswork out of summer grill prep by outlining the steps you need to take to get your grill ready for a delicious seafood cookout. Whether you have a charcoal grill or a gas grill, we’ve got you covered.

Seafood Tools

Being a Memorial Day grill-master does require a certain degree of skill with the spatula - we've got you covered with all the best seafood gear!

Cooking Seafood With Beer & Wine

As the saying goes, “I love cooking with wine—sometimes I even put it in the food.” It’s funny, but it’s so true when it comes to fish and shellfish, which are natural pairings for the subtle, earthy flavors of both wine and beer.

Get inspired for your Memorial Day Cookout

Seafood recipes and how-to's
Visit our ever-growing content hub for recipe ideas & valuable seafood knowledge.


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