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How to Never Run Out of Salmon

Eating fish 2x/week or more is a great way to live, take it from an Alaskan bear! You too can make year-round meal planning a cinch through Fulton Fish Drop, our subscription program. Try a dry ice-shipped bundle of wild salmon portions, flash frozen at the peak of freshness. And don't worry, you can skip shipments or cancel at any time, no fishing lines attached.

Our favorite Wild Salmon Recipes

How To Cook Wild Salmon

Wild salmon season is here and we couldn't be more excited. Rich, buttery and melt-in-the-mouth, this is the delica-sea we look forward to all year. It’s so easy to cook wild salmon. Simply follow these steps for a delicious healthy meal in minutes, and discover our wild salmon recipes below.

Wild Salmon Lettuce Wraps

Salmon lettuce wraps are a family favorite - especially made with luscious wild salmon which is always silky soft and never dry.

Olive Oil Poached Citrus Wild Salmon

Poaching salmon in olive oil is one of our favorite cooking preparations, guaranteeing silky fish every time. Citrus and wild salmon go really well together, with the acid cutting through wild salmon’s luscious rich flavor.

Sheet Pan Wild Salmon Piccata

We love easy sheet pan seafood dinners, especially mid-week when there's no time to cook but you still want something delicious and impressive. Our sheet pan salmon is made with in-season wild salmon and asparagus, the ideal spring dinner.

Wild Salmon & Black Bean Burgers

You've never had a salmon burger like this. Forget the dry, tough burgers you've had before - buttery wild salmon makes for a juicy burger, plus the black beans help to keep it soft and light.

5 Types of Pacific Salmon in North America

Salmon is one of the most commonly found seafood items across the US in restaurants and homes alike. Prized for its nutritional benefits and distinct taste, salmon offers a great mainstay for any eater.

What makes Copper River wild salmon so incredible?

The 2021 Copper River Salmon Season has ended. See you next year!

Wild-caught, sustainable and rich in heart healthy and delicious fats, our hand-selected King and Sockeye salmon are caught in the pristine waters of the mighty Copper River in Alaska. From May to July, these magnificent fish make the epic 300-mile migration from ocean to river, requiring an abundance of energy which is why wild salmon is so deliciously rich in flavor. The Copper River community and artisan fishermen are committed to preservation and conservation, honoring the fishing traditions of this prized fish. With Fulton Fish Market, you can enjoy the freshest catch directly from the source.


Our Copper River king and sockeye salmon are prized for their exceptional flavor and texture, you can taste the difference in your first bite. Every year, these fish take an extensive journey to return to their spawning grounds, and they build up fat reserves to prepare for their journey - resulting in reserves exceeding most other wild salmon.
By catching these fish before they begin their journey up river, these fish are packed with extraordinary flavor and nutrition.



All Copper River action photos from F/V Amulet provided by TEAL BARMORE PHOTOGRAPHY