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New to seafood?

Try some all-time faves:

Buy Salmon OnlineBuy Salmon Online

Salmon is a friendly option for the novice seafoodie - a great beginning!

Easy Salmon Recipe -

Sweet Orange Salmon

Buy Fresh Tuna OnlineBuy Fresh Tuna Online

Tuna is an excellent choice for those who love a delicious and meaty bite!

Easy Tuna Recipe -

Tuna Tartare

Buy ScallopsBuy Scallops

Everyone's favorite. Scallops are sweet, tasty and only take a few minutes to sear!

Easy Scallops Recipe -

Air Fryer Scallops

Buy ShrimpBuy Shrimp

Shrimp may be a familiar seafood, but the possibilities are endless!

Easy Shrimp Recipe -

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

Love Oysters?
Whether you've been eating oysters your whole life or they are completely new to you - we have the best selection of the best tasting oysters! Check out our Essential Guide to Oysters to learn all about oysters.


Healthy Meal Planning?

Let's stock up-

Fish is a lean protein packed with powerful vitamins and nutrients that no healthy diet can go without. It is recommended to consume seafood twice per week to maintain brain and heart function. Our fish is always best fresh but it freezes wonderfully for meals later in the week! Seafood portions can cook in less than 10 minutes and are ideal for weekday meals.

Fresh Fish Portions & SteaksFresh Fish Portions & Steaks

Fresh portions of the tastiest seafood for same-day cooking or to freeze for later.

Frozen Fish Portions & SteaksFrozen Fish Portions & Steaks

Frozen for your convenience, just pop these in the freezer and enjoy at your leisure!

Meal Planning 101: Seafood Subscription

If you do it repeatedly, you should probably automate it! With a Fulton subscription, we’ll curate the fish, or you can build a box yourself. Subscribe and get FREE shipping on every order, and skip or cancel shipments any time, no fishing lines attached.

A love for the finer things?

Try caviar.

Traditionally, caviar is eaten with blini or toasted points and a bit of crème fraîche, but you could find adventurous ways to create your own presentation. Get inspired with our collection of caviar recipes.

Feeling crabby?
Just kidding! We do have the best crab though - minutes to prepare, impressive to serve.


Already a seafoodie?

Let's get adventurous -

Uni Roe - Sea UrchinUni Roe - Sea Urchin

Uni is a famous delicacy and a tasty treat for the seasoned seafoodie.

Buy EelBuy Eel

Eel is flavorful and delicious - this pre-cooked option is a great way to try it!

Buy OctopusBuy Octopus

Few things are as delicious as a little grill char on octopus. Trust us.

Buy BottargaBuy Bottarga

A savory shred on top of your pasta will infuse it with a rich flavor.

The Well Stocked Seafood Lover’s Kitchen

Here’s what professional cooks keep in their own kitchens—from basics to seafood-specific accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the best tasting seafood

Seafood is delicious, healthy, and versatile. At Fulton Fish Market, you'll find the greatest variety of seafood anywhere. Whether you're new to seafood - or it occupies several days in your meal plan, we've got what you need. Our seafood is chosen by real seafood experts, carefully packaged and sent right to your door. Once your seafood arrives, we've got plenty of recipes and how-tos in our content hub to inspire you!

More to inspire you
Visit our ever-growing content hub for recipe ideas & valuable seafood knowledge.