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There are plenty of fish in the sea, but there’s only one Fulton Fish Market.

Our fishmongers have been the experts in seafood for over 200 years, and now we’re delivering the catch straight to your kitchen. The fish tales have gotten taller, but one thing hasn’t changed - this is the best seafood you’ll ever have. Trust taste and you'll be hooked!

Opened in 1822, New York City’s Fulton Fish Market is the largest fish market in the United States. Well before the Brooklyn Bridge was even built, the market at South Street Seaport thrived with fishing boats and fishmongers bartering and bantering over stalls heaving with fresh fish. Each night the colorful market would come to life with its cast of characters, eager chefs and curious tourists, all mingling over bushels of oysters, crates of lobsters and a kaleidoscope of sea creatures from near and far. Perhaps more than any other institution, the Fulton Fish Market captured the spirit and tradition of old New York.

Today, the market continues to capture the New York spirit through its evolution and continued leadership in bringing the best seafood from the dock to your table. In 2005 the market relocated to its new home in the Hunts Point Bronx "Food Hive" and we are your Gateway to The New Fulton Fish Market.  The new 400,000-square-foot market sees up to two million pounds of seafood arrive every day, making it the second largest fish market in the world (after Tokyo). While the location has changed, the vibrance and characters have not, and each night the market roars to life with the day's freshest catch and tallest tales.

200 Years of Fulton Fish Market Graphic
Timeline Graphic 1822-2015
Fishmonger with Shellfish
Fishmonger with Scallops
Fishmonger with Whole Fish
Fishmonger with Whole Striped Bass

Bringing the legendary market directly to your door.

That’s where you’ll find us,, at the market every morning in the front of the line to ensure that we get the very best of the best from the day's catch. For nearly 200 years this bounty was only available to the world's best restaurants and the brave few willing to shop the market at 3am. Now our customers nationwide can access the world's best seafood - hand-selected by the most trusted experts in the business - all from the comfort of their own home.

And as passionate as we are about seafood, we're even more passionate about cooking seafood. Just like the fishmongers of old, we're always happy to teach, share cooking tips and inspire you in the kitchen. We're proud and honored to share the legacy of legendary food from this legendary market.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Fulton Fish Market is committed to providing you with a wide variety of responsibly sourced seafood, procured from well-managed wild fisheries and sustainable aquaculture producers, delivered to your door daily. For more information on how we evaluate products, please see Sustainability at Fulton Fish Market.


Gateway to the New Fulton Fish Market