Buy Fresh Cod

Fresh cod is lean, flaky, and somewhat dense, while its taste is mild yet distinctive. Our cod is caught, packaged, and sent directly to your door for guaranteed freshness and the highest quality flavor.

Types of Cod

If you are looking for a superbly flavorful option that will have your senses tingling, you must try our salted cod fish. This type of cod is dried out then salted before packaged and sent to your door. If you prefer a buttery, spicy flavor, our smoked cod could become your new go-to. Our other black cod is known for its silky-smooth texture, and our Atlantic fish is slightly sweeter. No matter what your taste buds or other senses are craving, we have fresh cod you will love.

How Fresh is Our Fresh Cod?

Like all of our fresh fish options, our cod is packaged with frozen gel packs to preserve its flavor, texture, and quality when shipped to your door. You will receive your fresh cod just a day or two after reeling it in, so you can practically taste the salt or freshwater where it once lived. Of our entire cod assortment, we have only wild fish, meaning their diet was all-natural and they were caught straight from their habitat. Could they be any fresher? Maybe you should taste for yourself.