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Types of Cod

Whether you're looking for Atlantic cod, Pacific cod, black cod...we got it all!

Cod is one of the most popular fish types in the United States. Cod is a white fish that has a mild flavor and can be baked, broiled, fried, or steamed. Cod are available year-round but the best time to purchase them is during the winter months.

Types of Cod Fish

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Cod is the most commonly eaten type of Cod in the United States. It has a flavor that is similar to Halibut, and it can be served fried or baked. The Atlantic Cod lives off of herring and squid, so it has a light flavor with a slightly chewy texture.

Black Cod

Black Cod is Cod that is caught in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Bering Sea. It has a high-fat content, which gives it an incredibly rich flavor and creamy texture.

Baccala Salt Cod

Baccala Salt Cod is an Italian variety of cod that's often used as an ingredient in dishes like cioppino or risotto alla pescatora. It's salty from its curing process, but also tender and flaky because of this process. This variety of Cod comes from Canada, where saltwater adds natural flavors.

Smoked Cod

Smoked Cod is a variety of Cod that's cold-smoked. Cod is a white fish, so it has an elegant flavor that pairs well with pepper or lemon.
Smoking Cod preserves its delicate texture while also adding a slight salty taste and aroma from the smoking process. Smoked Cod can be served on its own, as part of a charcuterie plate, or cooked in dishes like bouillabaisse or fricassee.

Looking for a Cod Recipe?

We have many different Cod recipes as well as recipes for many other seafood dishes. Try one of our Cod recipes for your next seafood dinner!